Griff Peters

2003-05 Jackie Daum: producer, lead guitarist
2003-05 Nina Storey: lead guitarist, 2003-2004 tours (USA)
1999-02 Anika Paris: lead guitarist, music director '99-01 tours (USA)
1998-99 Johnny Hart: lead guitarist, '98-99 tour (USA)
1998 Billie Myers: lead guitarist, '98 tour (North America, UK, Europe)
1990-93 Berklee College of Music, Magna Cum Laude '93 (Boston)

Carruthers custom stratocaster
Carruthers custom electric baritone guitar
Danelectro 12-string electric
'56 Gretch synchromatic hollow-body electric
'64 Fender Duo-Sonic
'55 Dobro all-electric
Warmoth custom hardtail stratocaster
Taylor 814-C acoustic w/ Fishman electronics
Yamaha 12-string acoustic
Axon AX100/RMC midi guitar synthesizer system

'64 Fender super reverb amp, '65 deluxe reverb, '65 princeton reverb, '69 Marshall 50w plexi, '64 Fender reverb unit, Fishman pocket-blender acoustic preamp system, Pendulum SPS-1 acoustic preamp, Bradshaw/Custom Audio switching system, and lots of modern and vintage rack and pedal effects.

Endorsed by Taylor Guitars, Fishman Transducers, and GHS Strings. Also, many thanks to Carruthers Guitars and Advanced Musical Electronics.